I have a license of VB3-II, how do I use it on iPad?

Once downloaded and installed the iPad version of VB3-II, it runs in Demo mode exactly like the Desktop couterpart, with the same limitations:

  • No access to file operations
  • No access to the Cloud service
  • Audio mutes for 2 seconds every 30 seconds

If you have a valild desktop license that you've previously bought on our web site, first you should make sure that you have at least one free activation slot. To manage your license, go to this page:


Select VB3-II from the list then insert your license key to enter. If you have slots activated on machines you no longer use, you can deactivate them. Remember that each license comes with 3 slots, and you can request to buy extra slots up to 6 per license.

Make sure your iPad is connected to the Internet and launch the standalone App of VB3-II (not the AUv3 plugin). Tap the button on the top left corner to open the cart or go to SETTINGS and tap the cart icon on the top right.

You should purchase the LINK TO GSi ACCOUNT product to enable the Log-in form. This may be a $0,99 purchase, and is required to create the link between your desktop license and the iPad activation.

Once done, go to SETTINGS and tap the Log-in icon. At this point, if you have been given a username and a password, you can use those to log-in, or you can insert your email address (the same you used when you've purchased your license) and the 24 character license code as password. 

If your entry is correct, VB3-II is unlocked and registered on your iPad.

PLEASE NOTE: a license can be used only once per Apple ID, means that if you've used your license to activate VB3-II on an iPad, you can use it on all iPads registered under the same Apple ID (should be up to 6 units) but you can't activate it a second time under a different Apple ID.

In case you uninstall and reinstall VB3-II on the same iPad, or you install it on a new iPad under your Apple ID, to reactivate the license, go to the cart page, tap RESTORE to restore the purchase, then Log-in again using your GSi account.

More things to consider:

  1. If you're the owner of a license for the old VB3 v.1.x (from 2010), you can buy a license for VB3-II and obtain a 25% rebate;
  2. If you live outside of the European Union, you don't have to pay the italian VAT;
  3. If you have a valid VIES registered VAT ID outside of Italy, you don't have to pay the italian VAT (reverse charge);
  4. If you purchase your license via In-App Purchase, unfortunately none of the above apply because we have no control over your purchase.