Should I uninstall VB3-II v.1.1.1 before installing the new 2023 edition?

While there are chances that the two version may coexist on the same computer (at least on Windows), it's good practice to remove the old version before installing the new one.

Also, if you own a license, you should remove the activation from your license so you free the slot for activating the new version (which generates a different Machine ID).

If you had custom Programs in the old version or scenes/projects within a Host application that you wish to restore, proceed as follows:

  • for programs within the plugin, just use the Export Bank or Export Program functions from the files menu and save your files to disk;
  • for scenes/project from within a Host application that weren't saved as Programs, open the project, save Programs out of the plugin statuses that you want to save, then export the files as above.

To uninstall the old version:

  • In Windows, use the automatic (un)installer of version 1.1.1 which will remove both the standalone and the plugin files.
  • In macOS, you should manually remove files from the Application folder and from Library/Audio/Plug-Ins under Components or VST or VST3.

To deactivate the slot from the license go to:

Once done, install the new version, activate it if you have a license, then import any previous Programs or Bank from FILES -> Menu (icon on the top left corner).