How does the VB3m Cloud service work?

Products to which this Q&A applies (as of April 2021): VB3m

The Cloud service is used to easily and quickly exchange Programs and Midi Maps with other users. This service does not require any particular registration, no login or password are required, and no personal information must be provided. The service automatically identifies the device (your phone or tablet), not the user.

The first time you wish to upload a file to the Cloud, you must choose your User Name, then you give a name to your file and an optional short description, and start your upload. From the next time on, you're automatically recognized. You can delete your own files when you browse the file list, just select a file and, if it's yours, a bin icon appears on the bottom on the screen.

To download a file, just browse the list, select a file and tap the download icon. If it's a Program, it will be downloaded to a temporary memory slot, so that you can audition it without overwriting any local Program. In case you decide to keep it, choose a slot and tap on STORE.

To upload a Program you must first store it locally, then select the slot and start the upload.